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Our Story
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Comfort Food For The Soul

At Bentley Bowl, food meets fashion.


Join us and let’s grow Soul Food Culture, One Truck at a Time.

Bentley at the age of 15 was known as 2am Chef B, for his many 2am meals, that often consisted of CHICKEN, also garnering the name, Chicken King. Kadar, the life of the party, designer and the businessman, together often entertaining friends and family… after many late nights and plates, the brothers, decided, hey, let’s do this for the world and make the best cluckin chicken in America. Bentley Bowl Franchise, the BEST CASUAL SOUL FOOD mobile kitchen was birth, to give you California Infused Soul Food bowls, Sothern soul food, California style. 

In the vibrant culinary landscape of California, two brothers embarked on a soulful journey that delivers the comfort familiar flavors of soul food lovers across the Golden State and beyond. Bentley, an exceptional kitchen enthusiast at just 15, and Kadar, an enterprising spirit at 18, shared more than just brotherhood; they shared a vision. Their dream was to bring the rich, soulful essence of their family's cooking to the masses in an innovative and accessible way – through a mobile kitchen franchise they would be branded as "Bentley Bowl."

Growing up in a home where the kitchen was the heart of the house, Bentley and Kadar were no strangers to the power of good food, especially bring spoiled by their aunt, Celebrity Chef Ora E. Their childhood was steeped in the traditions of soul food, with recipes passed down through generations. They watched and learned as their family members infused love and history into every dish, creating more than just meals – they were crafting experiences.

Bentley, with a natural flair for flavor combinations and an uncanny ability to bring out the best in any ingredient, was the creative force in the kitchen and the brainchild of Bentley Bowl. Kadar, with his keen business sense and a head for logistics, complemented his younger brother's talents by managing the operations and growth of their venture.

In a bold move, the brothers saved and borrowed enough  money to build their first food truck into a state-of-the-art mobile kitchen, with plans to build a fleet of them.  Each one will be a beacon of California infused soul food. The Waller brothers as of 2000 were the youngest African American brothers to ever launch their own franchise business with the goal of "Bentley Bowl" becoming synonymous with economic opportunities, as the brothers introduce a menu that honored traditional dishes of their grandparents and ancestors while embracing the bountiful produce and multicultural influences of California.

Their signature bowls were a hit – a base of comforting rice and potatoes topped with moist proteins, fresh vegetables, and sauces and of course their signature Bentley Bowl seasoning, the soul of the bowl, that were both familiar and excitingly new. Each bowl was a testament to the brothers' philosophy: soul food could be healthy and nourishing, indulgent yet wholesome.

As word of mouth spread, Bentley Bowl's reputation grew. The brothers' commitment to quality and customer experience heightens the brothers’ dream of turning their mobile kitchen franchise into a beloved fixture through college campuses, street food markets, festivals, and corporate events. Foodies, families, and critics alike praised the innovative twists on traditional soul food, and Bentley Bowl goal is to become a must-visit destination for anyone seeking comfort food with a California Infused edge.


Meet Bentley

Chef B, known as the "2am Chef," is an award winning Chef whose mastery over the art of chicken has earned him a following. His story is one of grit, talent, and an unwavering dedication to perfecting his craft.

Chef B started with a simple mission: to create the ultimate chicken dish that could satisfy the deepest of cravings and become the night's saving grace. Chef B began to experiment with flavors, spices, and techniques, drawing inspiration from California cuisines and the deep south tastes.

Word of mouth quickly spread about the chef who worked magic with chicken at ungodly hours. Whether it was his mouth-watering chicken sandwiches, the perfectly spiced wings that left a tingling sensation on the lips, or his secret-recipe fried chicken that was somehow both impossibly crispy and meltingly tender, Chef B delivered.

His signature dish, however, was something that truly set him apart: the "Midnight Clucker" – a chicken delicacy that combined the juiciness of a perfectly fried bird with a proprietary (Bentley Bowl Seasoning) blend of spices that seemed to encapsulate the mystery of the night itself. Each bite left his “customers” wanting more.

Meet Kadar

CEO Kadar strides through life with a flair that is noticed. Known equally for his impeccable fashion sense as he is for his sharp business acumen, Kadar is a force to be reckoned with. As the life of the party, he brings an energy and charisma to every gathering, turning mundane moments into must-attend extravaganzas.

Kadar has a keen eye for detail and a mind for the complex world of business. But what sets Kadar apart is his unique ability to blend the often stark and serious nature of business with a personal style that is both engaging and infectious.

He’s the embodiment of the modern CEO: dynamic, focused, and with a personality that shines beyond the boardroom.

Kadar believes in the power of a strong personal brand and is a stylist in his own right, advising his inner circle not only on investment opportunities but also on the latest trends.

His legendary networking and high fashion position him to build relationships and he does so with a natural charm and a genuine interest in the people he meets. He's a brother in the sense of solidarity, offering guidance and support to his team and his peers, ensuring that as he climbs the ladder of success, he's not doing so alone.

Kadar's approach to life and business is a dance of numbers and style, where success is not just measured in profit margins but in the richness of experiences and the bonds forged along the way. His mantra is clear: do what you love, love what you do, and look good doing it. And in this, Kadar doesn't just lead; he inspires.

Group of Engineers
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Join The Team

We are a team of disrupters, challengers, and thought leaders that really love good soul food, a funny joke and a great basketball game.

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